5 Easy Ways to Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset at Work

entrepreneurial mindsetHow will an entrepreneurial mindset help you at work?

Mention the word entrepreneur and we immediately think of someone with a vision striking out on their own to solve a problem that may be a passion. What we fail to realize is that businesses, too, are looking for employees who have vision and can help them solve problems.

Isn’t that what being an entrepreneur all about?

So how do you develop and entrepreneurial mindset even while employed? How do you and the employer benefit from your ability to think beyond the job description and solve problems?

Here are five ways you can build an entrepreneurial mindset at work:

Focus on Results

Get a clear idea of what your employer needs most and then show how you are able to provide it.

Focus on a particular area that has interest for you that can highlight value on your part. One client told me she noticed a long computer based enrollment process for people calling in to use her company’s service. She developed a handbook of “what if” situations that allowed the intake workers to by-pass steps that didn’t apply to certain orders and speeded up enrollments by 20 minutes.

Now that is an entrepreneurial mindset. That is focusing on results.

Ask Questions and Be Willing to Learn

A little curiosity goes a long way by providing insight into how things work in areas that may be different from where you are currently. Tactfully pointing out alternatives highlights your focus on results and telegraphs the impression that you are not only interested in doing your job but making things better for the company as a whole.

Learn Skills That Span Fields or Departments

Being good at what your job requires is always a plus, but unlike my father you can expect to hold many jobs over a working life. The greater the number of skills you develop, the more options you have in terms of places you can apply those skills to problem solving.

Learn to Train Yourself

I always encourage self-directed learning and favor YouTube videos and tutorials because they are a great way to shorten the learning curve and get you started in going deeper. You decide what fits your learning situation and don’t have to take a shower or comb your hair to get to a classroom.

Become Someone’s Backup

Offering to become someone’s back up allows self-interest to work in your favor because it’s now in someone’s interest to train you. However, you want to be very strategic in making an offer because you WILL become their backup. Make certain what you learn is worth the potential commitment of time if you are called on.

These suggestions serve as a starting point for building a more entrepreneurial mindset, no matter your current status. They will adding to your skill set and ability to solve problems. They will serve you well no matter if you decide to stay on the company track or decide to start your own business.

Incorporate these tips into your career strategy… and develop an entrepreneurial mindset, starting today.


Cherrie mcKenzie 3About the Author: Cherrie McKenzie is a former stockbroker and therapist who explores the psychological side of business on a blog and podcast at CoActiveDreams.comShe has National Board certification in Clinical Hypnosis, coaches related to visualization for peak performance. She conducts workshops and produces multi-media coaching sessions to provide commonsense techniques for better results in every day life.



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