How Do I Leave the Ranks of the Underemployed?

#InternPro Chat Leaving Underemployed StatusA continuing trend for recent college graduates and young professionals is underemployment. With large amounts of debt, many young professionals are often forced to take jobs that they’re overqualified for… that don’t take full advantage of their skills or education.

And for many, even though our economy has improved, leaving the ‘I’ll take anything’ mindset behind is not as easy as you’d expect.

How do young professionals search for a new job? What can they do to leverage their investment in education and the experience gained? How do they begin to leave the ranks of the underemployed?

#InternPro is ready to take on these questions and a few others tonight. Take a sneak peek at what we will be asking:

  • How do you define “underemployed”? Have you ever been underemployed yourself? 
  • I graduate in May. I do not have a job offer yet. How do I keep from joining the ranks of the underemployed? 
  • The economy has improved but it seems I got left behind. What should be my first steps to getting on track? 
  • Your best advice? “Yes, I’m underemployed. But I LOVE my current job. Should I leave to go find other work?”
  • What role does networking play in becoming more suitably employed? What upgrades might we need to make? 
  • How do employers view someone who was recently underemployed? Does it hurt your chances of getting a good job?
  • What can be learned from time spent as underemployed? What skills transfer well as we change careers?
  • What would you say to someone currently woefully underemployed? How would you inspire them to take action? 

We hope you can join us tonight, and feel free to bring a friend. Here’s an easy tweet to share with your network:



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