#InternPro Recap: Real World 102: What Life Hasn’t Taught You Yet

#InternPro Chat Real World 102Have you ever taken a class called “Real World 102”?  Probably not.

And it’s just as well. No matter how educated we are, it seems like we’re always learning something from the school of hard knocks.

But how do we learn about the real world? Is it through experience? Is it through mentors and mentees? And how can we translate our new real world knowledge into marketable skills for the career world?

The #InternPro community set out to answer these questions about the School of Hard Knocks, and many more, Monday night. To see what was said, check out the full recap below… it’s almost as good as being there!

So you can join the #InternPro conversation next week, Monday at 9pm ET, be sure to set a calendar reminder. We’re here, dispensing mic-drop quality knowledge, each week!




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