Real World 102: What Life Hasn’t Taught You Yet

#InternPro chat real world 102Last week on #InternPro we talked about what college doesn’t teach us about the real world. Tonight we’re going one step further…

At 9pm ET, #InternPro talks about what the real world hasn’t taught us yet about the real world. You know, that stuff we all wish we knew a long time ago… but seems to come from trying new things, making mistakes and though experience.

Because no matter how educated we are, it seems like we learn a lot from the School of Hard Knocks.

Here’s what we will be asking members of the community…

  • In your post-college life, what has surprised you most? What do you wish you had known sooner?
  • In my career so far, I wish I would have done more _______ and less _______.
  • How do we know what we don’t know? Is the “school of hard knocks” just part of reality… or can we skip a grade? 
  • We talk a lot about mentors… how much help have they been to you personally? What have you learned from them? 
  • Your thoughts? “The power of relationships is lost on young professionals. Invest in the people around you.”
  • At some point, many find themselves in a career pivot. What is your best advice for making a big change? 
  • How do I keep learning enough to stay professionally relevant  AND work AND live a fulfilling, balanced life? 
  • The #InternPro genie has granted a wish: you can learn anything you want. What one thing would you choose? 

We hope you can join this week’s conversation… we know it will help you get real world ready!

Know someone who would enjoy this conversation? Or would benefit from participating? Invite them! Here’s an easy tweet to share with your network:


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