5 Ways Freelancers are Transforming the Economy [Infographic]

If you’ve been hanging out among members of the YouTern community, you know the “Gig Economy” is a hot topic. And you may have already noticed that freelancers are changing the way work gets done.

And then along comes this infographic from our friends across the pond, On Stride Financial. Here, they show the impact freelancers are already having on the economy as they leave the traditional 9-to-5 workforce behind. Sure, they use the metric system to make their points, but consider these facts:

  • 5 million UK workers are already leveraging on-demand work
  • 40 percent of new “jobs” since the recession have come in the form of self-employment
  • Only 13 percent of those surveyed see themselves working a tradition job in 2025

Read on to see how freelancers are already transforming the global economy, and how your career might be affected as the Gig Economy moves from infancy to maturity.





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