Real World Ready? What College Didn’t Teach You About Your Career

#InternPro Chat real world 101Did you ever attend a class called ‘Real World 101’? Perhaps a better question: When you left college, were you real world ready?

If you’re like many members of the #InternPro community, the answer to that may be: “Um, not ready at all.”

But is that the real purpose behind a college education? Is it the job of your school to get you ready for a career? Or is that completely up to you as an individual? Or, so you can meet the expectations of employers and make your school look good at the same time, maybe career preparedness is more of a partnership between you and higher education ?

#InternPro chat will take on this ‘Real World 101’ discussion tonight at 6pm PT! Here’s what we will be asking members of the community…

  • Right after college, how well prepared for the real world were you? What do you wish you’d known?
  • Agree or disagree? Why? “Higher education’s role is to provide foundational knowledge, not career preparation.”
  • How do we work with #highered to get them more closely aligned with the real world expectations of employers?
  • My career center means well. But they aren’t helping me build a career plan. What can I do to help them help me?
  • Your thoughts? “The course that prepares me for the real world doesn’t exist. I’ll learn thru experience and grit.”
  • What traits do those college students who succeed right after college possess? What can we learn from them?
  • What are your favorite tools and resources for getting ready for the real world? Please share!
  • In 140 characters or less, what is your best career and life advice for a current college student?

We hope you can join this week’s conversation… we know it will help you get real world ready!

Know someone who would enjoy this conversation? Or would benefit from participating? Invite them! Here’s an easy tweet to share with your network:



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