What One Career Superpower Would You Choose?

career superpowerIn today’s workplace, you can never have enough superpowers.

Some days, it seems like you need to be The Flash so you can get work done fast enough and the strength of Wonder Woman to carry the workload while fighting off today’s villain. But you can’t be both Barry Allen and Diana Prince. You can only be one. You have to choose your superpower.

Which is exactly what we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC):

If you had to pick one career superpower to help accomplish your goals, what would it be?

Here’s what they had to say!


1. Superhuman Execution Speed

ryan-stonerI believe that fearless decision making and speed is the ultimate weapon. Making decisions and executing on them efficiently can give anyone a competitive advantage. You don’t need thought. You need inertia. Think about ideas and take action. With superhuman execution speed, I’d be the one with the power to set the pace.

>– Ryan Stoner, Publicis


2. A Resilient Mind

Alexandra-SkeyBuilding a career is a never-ending journey of highs and lows. One of the hardest things I’ve learned isn’t a skill, it’s a mindset. Having a resilient mind — the ability to spring back into shape after continually being stretched out and compressed — is an advantage to thriving in an intense, ultra-competitive business world.

Alexandra Skey, Ella


3. Ability to Stop Time

Kim-kaupeThe ability to stop time would help me kill two birds with one stone. Not only would I be able to maximize my work day, I would find time in the frozen hours to solve elusive work-life balance issues. Having time to write birthday cards, catch up with old friends or squeeze in a workout while still giving my 100 percent at ZinePak would be a dream come true!

Kim Kaupe, ZinePak


4. The Innate Ability to Sell

Charles-BogoianThere’s no way to avoid sales, whether selling ourselves or a product. I’ve had to work constantly on developing my sales skills, and it will always be something I’m looking to improve. I’ve met people who seemed to be born with the “sales gene.” It’s an immensely valuable asset to bring to your company, and to you.

Charles Bogoian, Kenai Sports, LLC


5. Telepathy

Andy-KaruzaAs a marketer, I’m always trying to get inside my customer’s head. If I could do this both during the sales process and while strategizing our messaging, I would be even more effective at positioning my solutions. To me, that’s what marketing is really about: helping people find what they’re looking for so they can solve their problems.

Andy Karuza, FenSens


6. See the Future

Josh-YorkI want to see the future. I want “magic eightball” power in order to predict upcoming changes in business, avoid making critical mistakes and feel more confident in my decision making. I always want to be a step ahead of the game and this superpower would allow me to master that skill without second-guessing myself.

Josh York, GYMGUYZ


7. Cloning

Sheldon-MichaelIn the fantasy world of superpowers, cloning would be an ideal scenario. It is virtually impossible to skill-transfer attributes that have been ingrained through trials and upbringing. Finding “founder” types without losing them to another venture is almost like mining kryptonite. To clone oneself or others would be refreshing!

Sheldon Michael, Netjumps International


8. The Master of Influence

Chris-BrissonGetting to “yes” is part art and part skill. If I had one superpower, it would be the ability to influence others easily. Every interaction, every engagement, and everything we do in our lives revolves around the ability to influence others.

Chris Brisson, KickaConference



YECAbout the Author: Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched BusinessCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses.



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