20 Ideas to Help You Co-manage Mentor Relationships [Infographic]

It seems there’s plenty of advice out there about how to be a great mentor… but little on how to become a great mentee.

So where do you turn to learn how you build a mutually-beneficial relationship with a mentor? What should you expect from a quality mentor? And how can you help co-manage expectations?

So today we challenge you to take a look at this infographic from Halogen Software, which outlines how to be a good mentor, and spin it around… to take a look at it from the mentee’s position. Specifically, as a mentee, how will you:

  1. Help identify goals and positive outcomes?
  2. Create an actionable learning and discovery plan?
  3. Help your mentor identify the challenges you’ll soon face?
  4. Introduce roleplay (and perhaps reverse roleplay) situations?
  5. Schedule job shadowing and manage post-shadow debrief meetings?
  6. Ask your mentor to integrate networking opportunities?

And so on…

Through this exercise, we’re sure you can light a new fire under existing and build new mentor relationships. Just as important, you’ll learn exactly what to look for, and expect from, a potential mentor.


co-manage mentor relationships



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