How to Shift Your Mindset from Student to Professional

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You’re almost done. Soon, you’ll be walking across the stage to pick up your diploma. Which means you’ll soon be sending out countless resumes in hopes of landing the big kahuna – your first ‘big kid job’.

There are many articles out there that address several important aspects of getting and keeping that first job, but they always leave something out – the mindset shift required to go from full-time student to full-time professional.

How does someone fresh out of college, from day one, get in the right mindset? Exactly what does a newbie learn to excel? What tricks must we learn to master this huge transition?

Tonight at 6pm PT, the #InternPro community takes on this important and timely discussion. Here are some of the questions we’ll be asking:

  • 73% of employers feel recent grads aren’t properly prepared for the working world. Do you agree? Why or why not?
  • What are some of the biggest challenges we face when going from full-time student to full-time professional? 
  • The biggest work or career related mistake I made fresh out of college was ______. (We want stories!)
  • For many young pros, time management becomes an issue. How can we quickly settle into a new schedule and rhythm?
  • Communication skills are vital. But HOW we communicate in class is way different than work. How do we close the gap?
  • Immediate feedback is standard in school… not so at work. How do I measure my performance in the workplace?
  • What traits do new grads who are uber-successful commonly demonstrate as they transition to the working world?
  • For future graduates, what is your No. 1 piece of advice for shifting mindset from student to professional? 

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