How to Post the Perfect Profile Pic [Infographic]

By now, we all know how important that perfect profile pic is on social media. LinkedIn goes so far as to say that an account with a professional headshot is 14x more likely to be contacted.

But exactly how do you create and post that perfect pic?

An organization called sets out to answer that very question. And we love the results! In this infographic, they break down their research and analysis by three categories:

  • Competence (smarts and capability)
  • Likability (friendliness and kindness)
  • Influence (industry and niche leadership)

Of course, you’ll want to check out the entire infographic. But for the perfect profile pic that balances competence, likability and influence, here’s what the photo needs most:

  • Squinched eye contact (glasses are very good; sunglasses are very bad)
  • Smiling (whether you show your teeth or not) or laughing
  • Executive style dress (showed off best with your whole upper torso)
  • Bright, natural light (too dark or too bright is not good)

Sounds simple right?

Now, go and create your perfect profile pic. Or better yet, invest a little money in yourself and get a professional headshot done. So they can deliver the results you want, show the photographer this infographic!


perfect profile pic

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