How to Use Social Proof to Promote Your Personal Brand

#InternPro social proofYou have a great education and a sterling resume. So does the other top candidate for the job.

But you have four testimonials from your current work, two honors from your internships and dozens of endorsements in your LinkedIn profile.

Who wins? You do!

This is what we call social proof. And it isn’t just limited to your LinkedIn profile. Social proof can take many forms: an enthusiastic referral from a current employee or mentor; your mutually-beneficial relationships with respected industry influencers; and even old-school letters of recommendations.

So how can you use this new-school tactic to your advantage? And if you’re just starting out, how do you develop the social proof you need? #InternPro chat took on these questions and a few more on Monday night.

Check out the full recap below!

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