When a Dream Job Comes Along (And You Just Started Another Gig)

dream jobRecently an ad for a terrific job popped up in one of my favorite Facebook Groups. The job description read like this:

“There’s an opening on my team driving social for one of the largest tech companies in the world. Non-ballers need not apply.”

While not for me, this is the dream job of someone I know well. The problem is, he just started a job in January! So he’s afraid to jump ship because he will appear disloyal, impatient or immature. It’s a tough choice because he sees himself as a “baller” and this job is perfect for him in every way.

So, what do you do when your dream job comes along when you just started a new gig?

If you find yourself in this situation, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Are You Actually Qualified for That Dream Job?

At YouTern, we talk a lot about learning on the job. But with certain jobs, there are certain skill sets you must already have mastered to be considered 100 percent qualified. If you’re not ready yet to actually do the work, it’s not the time to apply. Missing out on this chance, no matter how tempting, is better than getting the job — and failing.

Is the Ding to Your Resume (and Personal Network) Worth It?

Job hopping may not have the same negative connotations it once did, but it’s still a red flag to the many employers that have not fully embraced the “Gig economy.” If you’ve just started a new job, what are the ramifications of quitting before you really gave it a chance? What bridges will you burn? Who will you let down by leaving so soon? Consider all these questions, then ask yourself: how will this look on my resume and to my network?

Will This Opportunity Come Again?

You need a crystal ball to be certain, but asking this question will help you evaluate how special this opportunity is. My advice? There isn’t only one perfect job for you; there are many dream jobs out there. Perhaps this specific opening won’t be there when you are ready, but others will.

Are You Loving Your New Job? Is There a Lot Left for You to Learn?

As you consider a job change, this is the most crucial question to ask yourself. If you wake up every day excited about what your workday has in store for you, consider yourself blessed. If your job is teaching you what you want to learn and there is still a lot for you to conquer, be careful about looking for greener grass. You already have what so many of us seek: a job you love.

Besides, as our CEO Mark Babbitt says: “Sometimes the grass looks greener on the other side because there’s more bullshit over there.”

It is certainly frustrating to go through the grueling job search process, finally find a good fit, only to have what appears to be your dream job open up just as you’ve started your new job. And there will be situations where it makes sense to switch gears quickly and apply for that job.

Just make sure you have a clear, honest, and in-depth conversation with yourself before you make that move. This is your career to not just develop, but to nurture and protect.


Amy TobinAbout the Author: Amy McCloskey Tobin is a content strategist and creator. She specializes in generational insights, the future of work, the remote workforce, workplace diversity, and how tech has changed the business world. Amy has worked with major online publications to develop content and content strategy. A devotee of social media, Amy believes firmly that great content begets social media community. Find Amy on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter!



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