The Biggest Workplace Trends of 2016 [Infographic]

Open work spaces, freelancers, yoga and meditation rooms, flexible work schedules… this is definitely not your parent’s workplace!

So much is changing in the environments in which we work. Boomers are making way for Gen Z in the general workplace, and Gen X and Gen Y in leaderships roles. Automation and wearable technology seem to be everywhere. And companies are willingly letting employees work flexible hours to raise their families and pursue other passions.

How are we supposed to keep up with these trends? And young careerists, how do we leverage everything happening all around us?

Once again, our friends at Brighton School of Business and Management have stepped up. In this infographic, they shine a light on the most prevalent workplace trends for 2016 and beyond.

Check it out… and get ready to adapt to a completely different way to work!


Workplace Trends 2016 Infographic

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