6 Ways to Reduce Commuter Stress [Infographic]

Today at YouTern, we’re taking on the subject of stress. And in this infographic from Auto Insurance Center , we’re taking on a form of stress that can get your day off to a great start, or take a great start away and turn the day into disaster: commuter stress.

For many of us, the daily commute is something we tolerate rather than enjoy. Worse-than-usual traffic, a crowded train, bad weather and even rude fellow commuters can add a noticeable amount of grumpiness. This is especially true for those of us already dealing with stress coming from other areas of our lives.

So how can you combat this stress… and turn commuting into an enjoyable part of your daily life? Check out the infographic below. You just may find a way to beat back stress on your train ride today!

For ways to combat other forms of stress, see 11 Ways to Keep Personal Stress Under Control by Hannah Morgan of CareerSherpa.


commuter stress



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