Get Your Resume Noticed: 20 Examples of Accomplishment Statements

gold stars accomplishment statementsTo make a resume really stand out, there’s an essential strategy you must put in play:

You must ditch the “job duties” you’ve peppered throughout your resume and replace them with accomplishment statements!

Anyone can rattle off lists of things they did while they were at work such as “answered telephones,” “filed documents,” or “prevented children from self-destructing.”

What takes a little more effort is articulating your work history in terms of value. Go back through your previous jobs and ask yourself:

  • How much money did I save the company?
  • What resources did I maximize?
  • How quickly did I achieve my team’s goals?

Once you understand the impact you had and have identified the accomplishments to highlight, it’s simply a matter of phrasing. Here, split into two handy categories, are 20 examples of accomplishment statements to take your resume marvelous instead of “meh.”

Category 1: Fully Assembled

1. Grew donor base by 40% over 5 years.

2. Secured $275,000 in grants from 15 funding organizations for environmental education deliverables.

3. Led team of 5 marketing professionals in producing tailored campaigns for 18 clients.

4. Managed 50 total volunteers for 4 fundraising luncheons.

5. Cut costs by 20% by maximizing existing partnerships.

6. Rescued 13 people in distress from 3 different burning buildings.

7. Raised $5,000 through Irish sports fundraising auction.

8. Saved company $20,000 over 2 years by streamlining permitting process.

9. Produced 4 short films for annual Seattle International Film Festival.

10. Coordinated travel arrangements for 6 executive-level employees.

Category 2: Fill in the Blank

1. Completed X number of training hours to receive Y certification/license.

2. Presented X number of campaign proposals to marketing team.

3. Prevented X number of attacks on New York City after being frozen in ice for Y number of years.

4. Saved X number of dollars by refining Y process and communicating with Z stakeholders.

5. Completed project X in Y months ahead of schedule.

6. Cultivated X number of corporate sponsorships.

7. Raised X amount of dollars through Y number of direct appeal campaigns.

8. Established partnerships with X number of organizations to execute Y event/project/campaign.

9. Crafted X number of email marketing campaigns to reach Y number of potential customers.

10. Trained X number of employees over Y number of years.

Although you’re definitely more than just a number, quantifying your resume accomplishments for an employer is one of the best ways to advance in a hiring process. Try a few of these out in your next application… and show companies what you can do for them!


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