10 Too Common Nonverbal Job Interview Mistakes [Infographic]

Bombed your last job interview? Well, maybe what you said wasn’t the problem… maybe it was what you didn’t say. Maybe your biggest faux pas were among the 10 most common nonverbal job interview mistakes.

After all, a survey of 2,000 hiring managers  showed that one-third of them know whether or not they would hire you within 90 seconds of meeting you… well before you even started answering their questions!

This infographic does a great job of showing us exactly what might have gone wrong, from a nonverbal perspective, at your last interview. Do any one of these, and your job interview performance might go from an ‘A’ to a ‘B’. Do more than one… and that might explain why you never heard back!

Most important: be aware of these nonverbal mistakes before and during your next interview, and get the job offer!


nonverbal job interview mistakes infographic

10 common nonverbal job interview mistakes



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