How to Perfectly Customize EVERY Resume You Send

One Size Does Not Fit AllIn today’s ultra-connected world, everything is customized. This includes your resume when applying for jobs.

In fact, to compete well in today’s job market, you must tailor your resume perfectly for the job available and the company doing the hiring. If you send off a generic resume, you significantly lower your chance of a response and chance of an invitation for an interview.

Of course, customizing your resume doesn’t require a total rewrite each time; you can reuse many of the same bullet points for multiple positions and companies.

Customization only means you review the position requirements beforehand and emphasize what is most relevant. This can include soft skills, bullet points under specific jobs held, and even entire sections of your resume (moving the education section to the top for a company that stressed academic achievement, for example).

Here’s how to tailor your resume for a specific role and company, plus some actionable tips to present the best version of yourself.

Prepare Your Resume Bullets in Advance

Before writing any resume, make a list of resume bullet points that include primary duties, industry relevant keywords and accomplishments.

Creating a concise, meaningful resume bullet is a thought-provoking exercise that should not be rushed. Designating the time to write, review and revise these bullet points will ensure they are well-written and full of meaning. By completing this step first, it will be easy to tailor your resume for each position because you can simply switch out your prepared bullets instead of writing them as you go.

Read the Job Qualifications, Responsibilities and Skills

To tailor your resume for a role, read the position description and understand who the company considers an outstanding candidate. Also, do your research to determine industry standard software platforms, keywords and terms.

Since you already prepared your list of bullet points, you can now switch them depending on what the role requires. You can also easily tweak your resume bullet points, exchanging one word with another and using specific words the company includes in its post and listed responsibilities.

Include Specifics In Your Resume

What have you accomplished in your past that showcases your potential to execute the responsibilities of the position? The more specific you are about any numeric results (like how your campaign added $10,000 worth of revenue to the organization), the better. After reading the position requirements, choose a few requirements or skills to target with each resume bullet.

Important: If you have numbers or data results that showcase your accomplishments, include one in each resume bullet point.

Sell Yourself!

After reading the job post you can expertly profile and present yourself to meet the company’s listed demands.

Choose the resume bullet points that help you best sell yourself. Consider each company and individual recruiter or hiring manager as someone you’re persuading. You aren’t just sending your resume off into cyberspace; you’re convincing an individual why you are the best candidate for the job.

What are the points that are most relevant and compelling in persuading a recruiter or hiring manager that you are the best choice for the role? Luckily, you only have to be convincing enough that the company decides to call you about an interview. Now is also a great time to explore your personal brand and reflect on the value you could bring an organization. And if you score an interview you’ll already be prepared to expand on your strong suits.

Bonus: Avoid This Mistake

DO NOT label the different versions of your resume documents with obvious designations, like ‘Resume Version A’ or ‘Resume 2’, because the company will see it on your document. Be a little more subtle with your labeling by using ‘Resume of James M. Smith’. Also, ensure your resume is compatible with the company’s application process so the recruiter or hiring manager are able to open the document.


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