Millennials + Politics: The Leadership Landscape as it Stands

I VotedThis election year almost every member of the Millennial generation will be eligible to vote.

True: historically, young voters don’t exactly show up in large numbers for major elections… but if Millennials do this time, it could have a major impact on the Presidential and Congressional elections.

With that as the backdrop, and knowing that talking about politics can be a dangerous arena to enter, we think it’s important to understand what Millennials really expect in their leaders, how they see the current political landscape and what they might do differently when it’s their turn to lead our country.

On Tuesday at 8:30 pm ET/5:30 pm PT we’ll be asking these questions and more in our newest episode of NEXT:

  • What are we looking for from our political leaders?
  • Are our standards set too low?
  • How can we help build and champion “real leaders” instead of politicians blowhards?
  • What can we learn from all of this?
  • When our generation is in political power, what will we do differently?
  • How will we OWN this problem when it’s our turn?
  • What can we learn from the hopes and mistakes of earlier generations?

Join us on our Blab Series NEXT: A Millennial & GenZ Think Tank this Tuesday evening and weigh in!


Millennial Think Tank


Photo credit: i voted! via photopin (license).



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