#InternPro Recap: “What Should College Students Do NOW for a Great Career LATER?”


“I’m not a college senior yet… I have plenty of time to worry about my career. Right now, I’m focused on having fun!”

At YouTern, we hear this, or something like it, far too often. The fact is that the world we used to live in, where all you needed to get a great job was a college degree, is gone.

In today’s marketplace, you need start gaining relevant experience, developing in-demand skills and building a personal brand years before graduation.

Inspired by a recent post by Bob McIntosh on YouTern, #InternPro chat tackled this subject on Monday night. It was a fast-paced conversation with several excellent pieces of advice. Check out the full recap below!

And be sure to join us next and every Monday at 9pm ET for another awesome #InternPro chat!





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