#InternPro Chat: What Can Students Do NOW for a Great Career LATER?

#InternPro Chat TwitterYou’re a college student. You’re working hard on your studies, your extracurricular activities, and perhaps a part-time job. (Okay, maybe you’re working a little bit on your social life, too!)

But have you started working on your career yet? Do you know what you should be doing, and what skills you should be learning, now… to have a great career later?

Inspired by a recent post by Bob McIntosh on YouTern, that is our subject on tonight’s #InternPro chat:

What should college students do NOW for a great career LATER?

Here are the questions we’ll be asking our community of college students, recent grads, young professionals, recruiters and mentors:

  • Your thoughts? “I’m only a freshman. It’s too early to worry about career stuff. I just want to have fun.”
  • From a personal branding perspective, how can a student stand out, even before they need a job or internship?
  • Which soft skills should college students focus on most? What skills do employers care about most?
  • When building a networking strategy, what should students think about… where’s the biggest bang for the buck?
  • Do internships still play a critical role in today’s marketplace… or have they lost their luster over the years?
  • Besides internships, how else can college students gain valuable work experience and learn in-demand skills?
  • How many mentors do you currently have available to you? How do they help you most? Where did you find them?
  • For today’s college student, what is your #1 piece of never-fails career advice? What should they do right now?

We hope you can join tonight’s #InternPro conversation at 9pm ET/6pm PT!



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