Let’s Cut the Crap: What Do Millennials REALLY Want From Employers?

Millennial Think Tank


In our 5 plus years of existence, the YouTern team has worked primarily with Millennials entering the workforce. Now, as the last (read: youngest) of this 81-million-strong generation prepares to leave college and join the workforce, it is clear things have changed quite a bit compared to their older Millennial colleagues.

Now the largest generation in the American workplace, employers and marketers alike have been watching, studying, and pontificating on what will motivate, inspire, and retain Millennials. This Tuesday at 5 pm PT/8 pm ST we’ll get our Think Tank back together to cut through the crap and find out directly from the source:

What do millennials REALLY want from their employers?

In preparing for this discussion, I went back to PwC’s Global Generational Study where they came to these 6 conclusions:

  1. Many Millennial employees are unconvinced that excessive work demands are worth the sacrifices to their personal life.
  2. Millennial employees are not alone in wanting greater flexibility at work.
  3. Millennials say that creating a strong, cohesive, team-oriented culture at work and providing opportunities for interesting work—including assignments around the world—are important to their workplace happiness, even more so than their non-Millennial counterparts.
  4. Many—but not all—stereotypes about Millennials are untrue.
  5. Millennial attitudes are not totally universal, although there is significant commonality between the United States/Canada and Western Europe.
  6. While the same basic drivers of retention exist for both Millennials and non-Millennials, their relative importance varies, with Millennials placing a greater emphasis on being supported and appreciated.

This Tuesday we’ll explore PwC’s findings and ask members of our Think Tank how employers can create an environment that makes them productive and happy.

We hope you’ll join the conversation, Tuesday, February 16th at 5pm PT/8pm ET!



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