Starting Over: A Career Issue Many Women Face



Many people of both genders face career transitions; some of us do it with grace, and some of us kick and scream the entire way. But the world is changing at a rate that will only continue to accelerate. And has many have discovered: change is not only necessary… it is exhilarating.

Many of us, looking back at our early careers, may thank God that we don’t have to work for the same company for 40 years straight like our parents did!

But transition is often difficult, and for many women, it is elaborately challenging. The decision to have children often throws a woman’s career plans into a tailspin, and returning to work either immediately after maternity leave or years later can mean a career transition is necessary.

Vicki Aubin Rockin' Career CoachThis week on Breaking Glass we are thrilled to have Vicki Aubin, the ‘Rockin’ Career Coach’, to help guide us through career transition.

Here’s a bit about how Vicki approaches career transitions; she asks:

Are you

  • An ambitious, passion-driven, intelligent optimist who marches to the beat of your own drum?
  • A distraught cubicle dweller, ready to escape the rat race and redefine success on your own terms?
  • Re-entering the workforce in a new career that is authentically you and matches your deepest ideals/priorities?

If you’re any one of these, chances are you’re feeling like a fish out of water.

  • You know exactly what your true calling is, but you’re terrified by the whole career transition process
  • You have no idea what “transferable skills” are, or how to showcase them so they attract employers to you
  • Your transition attempts so far have yielded little to no results and you feel self-doubt, demoralized and hopeless

But most importantly, you ARE 100% clear that:

  • You are sick of the status quo, ready to make yourself and your career a priority and raise the quality of your life
  • *You are ready to unleash the real you and reinvent yourself as the kick-ass ROCKSTAR you have the potential to be
  • You’re a gutsy, determined, action-oriented individual who doesn’t back down without a fight

Most of all, you are ready to unlock your awesomeness, take major action and make a serious, results-oriented investment in your personal and professional development that will move you forward in your life (Yeow!)

If you want advice on how to transition YOUR career, join us on Breaking Glass this Wednesday at 12 noon EST!

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