7 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Mistakes

Mistakes-19183Unfortunately, making mistakes is a normal occurrence at work – especially for young careerists just learning their way around. And those mistakes sometimes have a negative impact on our careers – and even our well-being.

But hidden in the frustration of making mistakes are career-defining moments… so here are seven ways making mistakes can actually help your career:

Learning Something New

No matter what your profession, chances are you’re interested in continuously improving your skills. And making a mistake is a fine time to do just that. Take a moment; analyze the mistake. Own it. And then learn something new. If the problem – and the opportunity for learning – isn’t clear, ask mentors and coworkers for advice and perspective.

Team Building

As collaboration becomes more and more important in the workplace, working well your colleagues is essential. By accepting blame, and showing a desire to improve, your team will see past the mistake and help resolve the issue. In the long run, this leads to more confidence in you – and your ability to contribute to the team.


None of us like to make mistakes. But they are going to happen – and it how we react to them that matters. While some people might start to doubt their abilities and retreat – others are motivated to look for solutions. And let’s all agree: motivated, solution-oriented people are more likely to succeed in the workplace.

Patience is a Workplace Virtue

Making mistakes can test our patience – especially the big ones. When you feel your patience waning,  take a deep breath. Realize people are not robots, and that failure is part of the learning process. Clear your mind, avoid the guilt, roll up your sleeves and use this moment as an opportunity to grow as a person – and a professional.

Continuous Improvement

If you want to prevent mistakes from happening, focus on continuous improvement. For example, take a look at the root cause of the mistake. Did you prepare well? Did you fully understand the assignment? Were you in too much of a hurry? Was procrastination involved? Find the root cause, and then change your work habits to ensure that type of mistake doesn’t happen again.

Building Communication Skills

Making mistakes – and accepting blame when due —  is an opportunity to learn the art of communication. Accept feedback. Actively listen to the criticisms without feeling the need to defend your actions, or offer excuses. Ask for deeper explanations and further instructions. In other words: communicate.


In workplace reality, accepting blame equates to accepting accountability. And in today’s world – where we’re all within just a few degrees of separation on social media – accountability is a huge factor in our personal branding – and is a foundational element of our workplace reputation.

Albert Einstein said, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

We all make mistakes at work. Your job now: make the most out of every mistake you make.

How you learn from mistakes? Share your tips with us!


Andrew-HoweAbout the Author: Andrew Howe dreams of becoming a popular blogger and copywriter. Being a student he has developed a tool Adverbless that helps people hone their writing skills. If you want to get in touch with Andrew, drop him a line at andrewhowe306@gmail.com



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