LinkedIn’s 25 Hottest Career Skills for 2016

skills_249x235.pngChances are good, since you’re visiting YouTern, that you’re looking for a new job or internship. Or maybe you’re researching which career might be best for you. And you may also be looking for the best possible way to showcase the skills you’ve acquired to potential employers.

But which careers and skills are in high demand? What should you emphasize in your resume and online brand?

To help deliver the answers to those questions, we turn to this research by LinkedIn, which they offer after analyzing the hiring and recruiting activity that occurred on LinkedIn in 2015.

The result: the 25 hottest skills in 2015… and your best chance of finding a new gig in 2016.

Take a close look. How do your current skill sets match up against what employers are looking for right now? Even more important, what can you do – right now – to align your skills to these market demands? (Hint: think Lynda, Coursera and other high-value sites with quick gains!)


The 25 Hottest Skills in 2015 (Global)



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