Have Things Really Changed for Millennial Career Women?

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Our next episode of Breaking Glass: Wednesday, January 27 at 12pm ET.

In our initial post announcing our Blab series Breaking Glass I talked about my inspiration for starting a conversation around the careers of young women; specifically, I was interesting in furthering the discussion around equal pay for equal work.

I had read a sobering Harvard Business Review Study of 25,000 MBAs; it showed that although women had similar career aspirations to men, they lagged far behind in accomplishing the goals they’d set at the beginning of their work life.

Many of the reasons for this lag had to do with traditional gender roles within the family, the impact of having children, and the lack of advancement opportunity. In all, this sobering report shows women, and the companies that employ them, still have a lot of work to do when it comes to equal pay. After all, gender and ethnic diversity is proven to increase employee engagement and therefore, productivity.

One of the most insightful segments of the HBR study; 50 percent of Millennial men expect their careers to take precedence over their partner’s; a figure is only slightly less than previous generations. 75 percent of women, on the other hand, expect their careers to rank equally with their partners.

As the study continues to measure expectations for sharing duties related to family, again Millennial men expect to contribute considerably less than their career minded female partners. Historically, and within this survey, women’s careers are affected far more dramatically than their male partners when children come into the picture.

What are Women to Do?

If you’ve paid attention to Breaking Glass (and YouTern itself for that matter), you know we are not fans of complaining for the sake of complaining. We are always after solutions, and Breaking Glass was founded to provide pragmatic advice for younger women to navigate the obstacles they’ll likely face in their career.

In our next Blab episode on January 27th at 12 noon EST / 9 am PST, we’ll tackle how things have and haven’t changed for Millennial women, and how women can navigate the barriers that they may come up against.

Please join us if you can… and share this important series with anyone who needs advice or wants to tell their own story.



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