Here’s How to Use Job Descriptions to Tailor Your Resume [Infographic]

You have spent hours, maybe days, crafting a resume you thought was perfect… and yet you’re not getting any responses from employers. Let us tell you the most probable reason why:

You haven’t used the job description to help tell your story.

No single resume is perfect for ever job, of course; it needs to be tweaked and customized for every job, every time.

But how?

The answer lies within this clever infographic from CareerBuilder, where the words from a typical job ad are used to tailor a resume to the employer’s exact specifications. This simple step greatly improves your odds of catching the attention of hiring managers and getting past the applicant tracking system!

Here’s the job description…


CB Job Ad Example


And here’s the tailored resume after just a few minutes of customization…


CB Resume Example


See what they did there? We bet you did… and we guarantee you the employer will notice, too.

Before you hit the ‘Send’ button, take a few minutes to customize every resume… and win the job interview!

To see the full infographic from CareerBuilder, with the job description and customized resume side-by-side, click on the image below…





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