Young Professionals: Don’t Make the Coffee!

You’re working harder and faster, yet still find yourself working longer hours. As a new kid on the block trying to prove yourself, perhaps that is because you find yourself doing more than your share of menial tasks. After all, you want to prove you’re a team player, right? Ready to do the dirty work?

In this episode of “Don’t Make the Coffee” (our first), we take on an issue many young professionals face as they start their careers:

Should You be Making (or Fetching) the Coffee?

I’m here to tell you: Do NOT make the coffee… at least more than your turn.

Why? Because no one ever said, “That new intern sure makes a great cup of coffee… he should do it every time!” or “For a new kid, she’s a decent engineer… but I can’t live without her coffee!”

Let everyone share in the duties that keep the workplace (and your colleagues) productive. As the newest intern or associate, that is not your job! And let’s face it: if you want to make a good impression, you should be using the skills you’ve worked hard to obtain to do your job very well… and exceed expectations.

Watch the video… and learn more about how to get your colleagues to notice you for the quality of your work and a consistently positive contribution to the workplace… and not your willingness to refill the coffee pot every time it gets put away empty.

And stay tuned for more episodes of “Don’t Make the Coffee,” where each week we’ll talk about the issues, barriers and challenges young professionals face in the workplace!



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