3 How-to Videos to Help You Write a Great Resume

mpg - how to write a resume_0Writing a resume is an extremely difficult task.

Even harder, sometimes: finding the right resources to help you complete that task. The flood of resume advice, ranging from good to scary bad, is overwhelming.

So we’ve done some searching for you! Check out these three videos that will help you write a great resume…

Title: How To Write A Great Resume and Cover Letter
Created By: Harvard Extension School
Sound Bite: “Then as you write each of your sentences or phrases, you want to say to yourself, ‘So what? Big deal. I did that. How did I make a difference?’”



Title: How Recruiters Read Your Resume…in 7 Seconds!
Created By: Careerly
Sound Bite: “A recruiter’s eyes are basically going to scan the name, education, the names of companies, and the length of time that [you] worked at those companies.”



Title: How to Write a Resume (Like A Wizard!)
Created By: How To Adult
Sound Bite: “Remember that applicant tracking systems—those robo-readers—they can’t read infographics!”



Whether you attended Harvard or Hogwarts, these resume tips are perfect if you’re stuck on how to tell your professional story. Once you’ve incorporated the advice, head over to the Jobscan resume analysis tool and make sure your resume is optimized so it will reach a recruiter’s eyes!


For this post, YouTern would like to thank our friends at JobScan.





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