How to Deliver the Perfect Elevator Pitch [Infographic]

The elevator pitch… the key to networking, some would say.

What exactly is an elevator pitch?

You enter an elevator in the lobby of an office building. Right behind you, the hiring manager walks in. She sees you’re going to the same floor as she is; after pleasantries, she asks the most common question for two people who just met in a professional setting: “What do you do?”

From this moment, the clock is ticking. And you only have the time it takes to reach your floor to answer, make a great first impression, and establish credibility.

No pressure, right?

Thankfully, we have this infographic from Open Colleges to help us construct the perfect elevator pitch! Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know to deliver the best possible pitch… and impress the hiring manager (all before those sliding doors open again)!


The Perfect Elevator Pitch



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