How to Use the Winter to Prepare for a Spring Internship

Get an internshipAlthough you might have missed the deadline to apply for a spring internship at some companies, it’s not too late to grab a great intern role!

In fact, you can use the Christmas break to position yourself as a star candidate when applying. Here’s how!

Research Companies

Today, we’re blessed with the almighty search tool, Google. Use it!

Look up companies you’re interested in. Find out everything you can about them:

  • What types of internship programs do they offer?
  • What qualities do they look for?
  • What do current and past intern LinkedIn profiles look like?

Follow the company’s or employees’ social media pages, and engage. They might not engage back right away, or at all. But in the process, you’ll show an enthusiasm for the company and its work.

Bonus: by taking this step, you’ll get a sense of how they treat people, and if this is the kind of company you really want to work for.

Build Up Your Experience Without Having to Get a Job

After you’ve researched the company and the types of internships it offers, you’ll know what skills to cultivate this semester. For example:

  • If it’s looking for leadership, you can join a student group you’re passionate about and consider running for a position during the spring semester.
  • If it wants someone tech-savvy, you can learn how to build your own website or app from a number of online resources like
  • Do they want you to be savvy on social media? Discover ways to create an engaged following on your social media accounts.

Reach Out to Your Network

As a college student, your network is definitely bigger than you think:

  • Take advantage of your college’s career center.
  • Reach out to your professors about possible internships.
  • Contact people in that club you joined, on your intramural team or your fraternity or honor society.
  • Also, see if your college’s alumni work at your target companies. (It doesn’t hurt to send alumni a thoughtful message expressing your interest in their company and requesting a quick phone chat or coffee date.)
  • Definitely use the Alumni tools on LinkedIn, it’s a networking gold mine!

Cultivating your skills now will make your more attractive than that other candidate who scrambled last minute to secure their spring internship. So get started… now! And with a little bit of effort this winter, you’ll be able to snag the internship of your dreams in the spring.


For this post, YouTern thanks our friends at Simply Hired!

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