Are Unpaid Internships Worth the Investment?

#InternPro_TwitterWith lawsuits being settled by large companies this year and major court cases decided, unpaid internships are once again a very hot topic.

And people are still asking: are unpaid internships illegal? Unethical? Exploitative?

At #InternPro this week, we’re going to take on a slightly different question, exclusively from the intern’s point of view?

Are unpaid internships worth the investment?

Join the #InternPro community this Monday at 9pm ET to debate this issue, and to help us answer these questions:

  • Over the years, has your opinion of unpaid internships changed? If yes, how? #InternPro
  • According to a recent court case, IF an intern derives more value than the company, some unpaid internships ARE legal. How do you define “value”? #InternPro
  • As recently as 2014, 53% of internships were unpaid. What has to change in order for that number to decrease? #InternPro
  • Some won’t (or can’t) take unpaid roles. How else can they gain the experience needed? What alternatives exist? #InternPro
  • Your thoughts? “I’m not an unpaid intern. A volunteer, I’m willing to work for free in order to prove myself.” #InternPro
  • Compensation comes in many forms (mentorship, new skill sets, etc.). What benefits are most important to you? #InternPro
  • Paid or not, what red flags signal an internship is of little or no value, and perhaps even exploitive? #InternPro
  • You are the ruling judge in a major court case regarding the legality of unpaid internships. How would you rule? #InternPro

Bring your best answers and your best questions. Even more important, bring a friend! Here’s an easy tweet you can send to bring your network into the conversation…



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