#InternPro Recap: “The Successful Careerist’ Dilemma: Should I Stay or Should I Go?”


Every young careerist will, at some point in their professional lives, have to decide if it’s time to call it quits at their current employer… or not.

Trying to determine what exactly the next move should be, though, is a daunting task with many unanswered questions:

  • Do you ask for a promotion?
  • Do you search for a new job?
  • How do you leave without burning bridges?
  • What if the job market isn’t exactly welcoming of yet another job seeker?
  • Are you really ready for the next step?

This past Monday, the #InternPro community took on this topic, made hot again by the improving economy. And as it turns out, there was lots of good advice to consider. Take a look at the recap below…

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