Career Advice For Women, From Women: Breaking Glass Episode 1

Breaking Glass 300 x 200On our first Breaking Glass episode on Blab, we covered a lot of ground.

And we are very proud that we, in our first show, put a real dent in our mission: to help younger women navigate their career path as we – established career women, advisors, mentors – take on hot topics and answer the tough questions.

Listen to the entire show here.

We had a dynamic panel of established women:

In this first episode, we wanted to explore how women’s actions impacted their career path. Here are just some of the main talking points:

Assertive Women and Communication Styles

Many women can tell you of the difficulty in asking for what they need at work, yet avoiding the “assertive” label (which seems to be derogatory when applied to women). Indeed, it is a fine line to walk for many of us.

The women on our panel maneuvered those situations in their own way – here is a segment showing how Ayelet dealt with that situation:



The Future of Women in Tech

Women in Tech, or wanting to enter the Tech field, continue to be challenged specifically because they are such a minority. And during that discussion, we had a great question from one of the men in our Blab session, specifically asking:

“Where do the men belong?”

Shelly answered, and we all agreed, that if the men aren’t in the conversation how does anything change? We can get together as women, but if we exclude men we do no one any good. Shelly also noted that simply talking about the issues helps the most. People regularly ask her privately about how they can get women speakers for tech conferences – and they come to her because she openly talks about these issues in a way that invites dialog. Hear more from Shelly here:



Don’t Make the Coffee

Near the end of the show, we discussed Jillian Paige, a Millennial woman who has lectured her fellow young people to be vigilant about deliberately not doing the support work when they’re new at their job. Her opinion is that making the coffee, cleaning the kitchen or doing other support work may mean you’ll  fall into that role – and be denied higher level tasks.

Shelly saw it differently, saying that not all of us are the same. Some people are fine making the coffee, cleaning the kitchen and being a rock star employee.

Here’s what Shelley said:



We hope you can join us for the next episode of Breaking Glass, where we’ll look at managing your own career expectations against company goals; specifically, where do you draw the line between being a a gracious and accommodating team player – and losing your individual identity and sense of personal accomplishment?


Amy TobinAbout the Author: Amy McCloskey Tobin is a content strategist and creator with a background in B2B sales and manufacturing. She specializes in generational insights, the future of work, the remote workforce and how tech has changed the business world. Amy has worked with major online publications to develop content and content strategy. A devotee of social media, Amy believes firmly that great content begets social media community.

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