#InternPro Chat: “How to Excel in the Social Age Job Search”


Last week on #InternPro chat, we talked about how to “go bold” during your job search… basically, how to stand out in what can only be described as an ultra-competitive job

This week — Monday at 9pm ET, to be precise — we’ll kick it up a notch and talk about how much the job search has changed in a very short time.
And the we’ll get to the really helpful stuff:
exactly how to excel as a Social Age young careerist.

Here are the questions we’ll be asking our community:

Q1: Compared to 5 years ago, what has changed most for job seekers today? What one thing has had the biggest impact? #InternPro

Q2: Are resumes really dying… or dead? Without a resume, how do get the attention of a potential employer? #InternPro

Q3: Now more than ever, referral-worthy relationships matter. How do we meet more influencers and decision makers? #InternPro

Q4: How does a young careerist obtain the social proof necessary to really impress employers? What are first steps? #InternPro

Q5: Company culture is now a big issue. How do we know (and demonstrate) we’re a good fit for a certain culture? #InternPro

Q6: Your thoughts? “Keywords are king. We can’t build a great career without knowing our relevant keywords.” #InternPro

Q7: Five years from now, what will be the biggest change in job search? What should we look forward to? #InternPro

Q8: How well does your personal brand compete in today’s Social Age job search? What grade would you give yourself? #InternPro

Bring your best answers and your best questions. Even more important, bring a friend! Here’s an easy tweet you can send to bring your network into the conversation…



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