The Answer Zone – No BS Career Advice


In September, we were excited to introduce Breaking Glass, a series on discussion to help young women navigate their career paths. The response has been terrific; it is obviously a topic people are very interested in – and we are grateful for your support.

But because we know everyone has questions – and they need a go-to resource for career advice – we didn’t stop there.

Next week we will launch ‘The Answer Zone: No BS Career Advice’ for anyone who needs a little help getting their first, or next, job or internship.

Although the economy has improved in some sectors, the job market remains a challenge. While there are more opportunities available, employers seem more selective than ever before. And job seeking techniques that worked for decades are nothing less than obsolete now. There is no doubt: the Social Age has blurred the lines around what is considered effective job search and career strategies.

The Answer Zone is here to help. Help you gain focus. Help you earn confidence. Help you learn what is important to you. We’re here to help you achieve your professional goals.

The best part? The Answer Zone will feature advice from a variety of recruiting and career professionals who have already proven themselves to be not just experts – but mentors. You may have read their posts on YouTern, or benefited from their insight on our #InternPro chats. People you already trust like Steve Levy, Heather Huhman, Lisa Rangel, Mark Babbitt and many more… all here to help you with no BS career advice.

Throughout this series, young careerists just like you will submit questions on Twitter (using the hashtag #AnswerZone), YouTern’s Facebook page, or privately and anonymously via email. Our response will be quick, yet measured and actionable. No “it depends” answers here. No “fluffy” advice that feels good but yields little results. This is the real world… and we’re here to give real advice – all in a safe, collaborative environment.

Put the experts at The Answer Zone to work… reach out with your career questions – starting now!

Join us on October 30th at 10:30 am PST /  1:30 pm EST on Blab.

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