How Much Do Recruiter’s Focus on the Candidate Experience? [Infographic]

In a highly competitive job market, sometimes it helps to know what “the other side” is thinking, how they work to attract new talent, and what exactly they are looking for in a new employee.

Which makes this infographic from Jobvite very interesting. Here, we get to see exactly what recruiters are doing to attract top talent, including

  • What information are they providing job seekers, and how (well written job descriptions, for instance)
  • Who they are hoping to hire (Millennials and Gen Z lead the way here with a combined 31%)
  • Where they, by job board, look for certain experience levels (from interns to executives)
  • How they communicate (even if that communication says “no, thank you”)

Take a look, and see how you can alter your job search strategy after know how the other side goes about the hard work of hiring you!





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