How to Become a Student Entrepreneur [Infographic]

In one way, so many of us are living our parent’s lives…

Our choice of college, the degree we pursue, and the career we prepare for follow the same pattern as our parents followed a generation ago. It’s as if we are still getting ready for a career with one (or maybe two) companies only to be gifted with a gold watch and a “Happy Retirement” cake.

Trouble is… that world doesn’t really exist anymore.

Today, many college students and young professionals find themselves running a side gig that fuels their passion, makes them feel a little bit more in control, and… yes… provides some real-world experience (and maybe even some income) on the side.

To help you learn what it takes to become a student entrepreneur, and take back a little control of your professional life, we present this infographic from WBSA and Urbanest. Here, you’ll discover exactly how your motivation can lead you to become a successful entrepreneur… and leave your parent’s version of “career” behind!


Student Entrepreneur



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