The One Mistake Young Job Seekers Can Never Make

ParentsA few years ago, when we lived and worked in New York City, our job required us to interview and hire new interns every semester.

That meant that three times a year (fall, spring and summer), we’d go through the resumes we received over the last few months and interview the best candidates. For the most part, it was a painless, week-long process—that is until parents got involved.


Yes, every now and then, we’d get a phone call from a parent. On one occasion, it was to complain that his daughter had twice emailed her resume and cover letter, and she had not heard anything back. The man insisted that we get back to his daughter as soon as possible—“how is she supposed to find housing in Manhattan for the summer?” Um… #notourproblem.

Another father called on behalf of his son—“Why didn’t you give my son an internship? We assumed it was a done deal!” This is after his son had said in his interview: “I don’t like working in an office. I like being out at events and stuff.” It was most definitely a “done deal”, just not a deal that worked in this young man’s favor.

Interns of the world, if you’re reading this, we beg you: never allow your parents to get involved in your internship.

You want to present yourself as professional, self-sufficient and capable, and having your parents speak on your behalf shows that you are none of those things.

Internships are your entry point into the professional world. This isn’t high school. This isn’t college. This is the real world. You need to fight your own battles and accept your own losses. No more “daddy” phone calls, okay?


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