Can Liberal Arts Majors Still Find a Great Job? [Infographic]

To many, a degree in Liberal Arts sounds good… until they jump into the job search. There, grads find that unemployment rates for Liberal Arts majors can sometimes be significantly higher than other degrees.

All is not lost, however. In fact, with the right strategy – as shown in this infographic from – a grad with a degree in Liberal Arts can open doors they may not have expected by:

  • Supplementing your courses with internships and classes specific to in-demand jobs or industries
  • Knowing your strengths; for instance, command of your written and oral communicaton skills
  • Expanding your job search to area commonly associated with Liberal Arts degrees, such as education
  • Showcasing your skills by quantifying your achievements

The full infographic below has much more information… be sure to take a thorough look, and then make your Liberal Arts degree work for you!




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