3 Simple Steps to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile Summary

LinkedinYou have 30 seconds to describe yourself. Can you do it?

With a LinkedIn summary, that’s all the time you have. No one wants, or has time,  to read your entire work history. That simply doesn’t happen until after the reader is convinced you are a good fit.

Which is why the summary section requires brevity and critical thinking. You must be able boil down your value to the reader in just a few memorable lines!

So, let’s begin.

Step 1: Who Are You?

Let’s keep it basic. In a nutshell, what are you known for? What’s your identity? Who are you?

That sentence is the root of your summary and its opening line. In a clear voice, tell LinkedIn users what you’re all about as it pertains to others. It’s a useful exercise to describe yourself in less than ten seconds.

Here’s my opening line on LinkedIn:

I am a public relations specialist who guides business owners and young professionals as they build their brands.

At my professional core, that’s who I am.

Step 2: What Do You Do?

Now take the opening line a bit deeper, but remember the 30-second rule. This is no time to dive into three huge paragraphs on everything you’ve done. You have someone’s attention — great! Keep things rolling with specific details and skills/specialties. Include:

  • Your title and company
  • What you do at the job (be concise!)
  • How your job helps people (remember, being valuable to others is how you make your own luck)


As vice president of Rubin Communications Group, a full-service marketing and public relations firm in Virginia Beach, I help a wide range of clients with media coverage, social media, video production and reputation management. Simultaneously, I write the blog News To Live By (newstoliveby.net), which shows millennials the communication skills “hidden” in the day’s top stories.

Step 3: How Does Your Passion Help Others?

At this point, the reader knows who you are and what you do. Now, finish out with a strong “closer” sentence.

Similar to your opening line, what’s your mission as a young professional? What are you passionate about? And how does your passion help your clients? Reiterate that point at the end, add a period and you’re done.

My closing line:

When my clients understand the power of “less is more” and learn to tell their own stories, that’s the ultimate victory.


That’s it. The power of brevity.

And now you’re ready to let the world gaze at your entire LinkedIn profile… because your perfect summary has convinced the reader you are a good fit!

Do you have other LinkedIn profile questions? Ask them in the comments!


For this post, YouTern thanks our friends at News to Live By!


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Danny Rubin AuthorAbout the Author: Danny Rubin is a communications expert for the millennial generation. He also writes the blog News To Live By, which highlights the career advice “hidden” in the headlines. His work has appeared on Huffington Post, Business Insider and the New York Times. Follow him @DannyHRubin



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