Young Professionals: How Are You Looking for Work? [Infographic]

You are infinitely employable, but are mired in a long job hunt. You’ve had bites here and there, but no real leads yet… and no job offers.

Is the problem you? The economy? Your job search strategy? Or is it a matter of how you stack up against your competition? If you are like most young professionals, the answer to those questions is “E: All of the above.”

Which is why we appreciate this infographic from our partners over at Jobscan. Here, you’ll see a little bit of everything that may be negatively impacting your job search. Are you looking in the right places for work? Are you looking for the right things? Are you looking the right way? Consider:

  • “Details on what makes the company an attractive place to work” is the No. 1 piece of information your competition looks for when job searching (What do you look at first?)
  • 70% of job seekers are finding work from a combination of job boards and by networking with friends (Where are you looking?)
  • 89% of today’s job seekers are using their smartphones to job search (How are you looking?)

For more insights into today’s job search, check out this quick-view infographic. And then kickstart your job search by changing up the way you look for work!



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