Reap The Benefits of an Internship During the School Year

Want in on a little secret? I’m going to show you how you can gain moreexperience
internship experience than ever imagined.

Many college students think they can only complete internships during the summer because they’re often told that’s the best time to gain experience. Sure, while summer internships are ideal for many college students, most of them are missing out on great opportunities throughout the rest of the year.

Internships that take place during the fall or spring semesters of your school year can be a great way for you to gain experience while taking classes. While you may think you already have enough on your plate, you’d be surprised at how you can squeeze an internship into your schedule.

If you’re thinking about finding an internship for this semester or even the spring, check out these five benefits of doing internships during the school year:

1. Surprisingly, there are just as many opportunities, if not more.

College students don’t realize how many opportunities are actually available to them during the fall or spring semester. This is mostly because a lot of them are encouraged to do internships the summer between junior and senior year of college. While this is very logical advice for college students, it also limits how much experience you can actually gain while in school. Plus, you’ll have more leverage during the application process because not as many students are competing for fall or spring opportunities. Take advantage of this time of year to find awesome internships that could have an impact on your career and education!

2. You actually get to work with a company during its “busy time.”

Believe or not, many companies have their slow periods during the summer, which is when many students think they must do their internships. However, if you’re able to do an internship during the school year, you’d benefit greatly from having the opportunity to see the company work in action. Plus, this likely means you will get to have more responsibilities that you wouldn’t normally have during the summer.

3. You become the master of time management.

Personally, I am always impressed by students who balance class, work, and an internship all at once. This shows me, as an employer, that you are capable of managing your time and even stress! Students who keep themselves busy by balancing different activities are going to be able to learn how to manage their time so they can effectively complete projects and meet deadlines.

4. Your internship could transition into a job after graduation.

Let’s say you decide to do your internship this coming spring, just before graduation. This would be a great opportunity for you because you’d get your foot in the door and be readily available for a full-time position at the conclusion of the internship (when they offer you a position).

5. You have the ability to complete more internships.

If you only limit yourself to doing summer internships while in college, that’s really only three opportunities (at the most) you’re giving yourself to gain experience. By taking on internships during the school year, you will allow yourself to be open to so many more opportunities. I know college students (or former college students, like me!) who’ve done internships almost every semester while in school, and now, they’re on their way to landing awesome entry-level jobs. Trust me, the more experience you can gain the better — and by doing internships during the fall and spring, you will be ahead of the game.

Hopefully, after learning these benefits of fall and spring semester internships, you’ll be excited about the internships you can take advantage of this year. Remember, opportunities are waiting for you, you just have to make them happen! Go out there and start searching for internships this school year that can help you grow as a student, as well as a young professional.


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