The Top 3 TED Talks for Job Seekers

Tedjob search may be frustrating and discouraging at times, but there’s plenty of encouragement and insight available to those looking for it, including TED Talks.

On the off chance you’re not familiar, “TED” stands for “Technology, Education, Design.” What was once an annual conference has expanded to include talks on a wide range of topics. TED Talks surpassed one billion views back in 2012. All talks are fairly short (most are shorter than 20 minutes), and they are notable for their consistently engaging style—no dry lectures here.

While many TED Talks are designed to help entrepreneurs, leaders and influencers, these are perfect for job seekers:


Topic: The Key to Success? Grit
Speaker: Angela Lee Duckworth
Key quote: “Grit is sticking with your future, day in, day out.”


Topic: Embrace the Near Win
Speaker: Sarah Lewis
Key quote:Success motivates us, but a near win can propel us in an ongoing quest.”


Topic: 5 Ways to Kill Your Dreams
Speaker: Bel Pesce
Key quote: “If every step becomes something to learn or something to celebrate,
you will for sure enjoy the journey.”


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