Do You Know Who’s Finding You on LinkedIn?

No matter why you use LinkedIn – for an active job search, personal branding or just to stay connected – you should know exactly how people find you.

And you must learn how to improve your profile and status updates for increased visibility!

Pew Research social network use 2014LinkedIn is a Participation Sport

Overall, most people are not using LinkedIn regularly. If you hope to get noticed or stay on someone’s radar, you’ll have to be active in groups, publish long-posts and post status updates.

Pew Research found (image below), found that only 13% of LinkedIn users interact with the site daily.

If you want to be found on LinkedIn, you must be an active user!

Are Your Status Updates Getting Seen?

Fewer people are seeing my updates and this is probably happening to you too.

I’ve been watching the stats on who visits my site from LinkedIn, and I’m not liking what I’m seeing. As you can see from the graph below, there has been a steady decline in referrals from LinkedIn to my blog. I haven’t made any other changes to how or what I am sharing on LinkedIn, so that isn’t a factor.

Quick Tip: You can increase the number of views by sharing your update in groups. Ideally, choose to post in professional groups related to your desired occupation. Sharing content within groups creates an awareness of you and helps develop a brand. Always think about what you want to be known for and share that type of content, either that you’ve written or someone else’s work.

Improved Data on Who’s Viewed Your Profile

This is what your stats look like when you click on “Who’s Viewed Your Profile.”

This shows that 608 people have viewed my profile within the last 90 days. But I want to know more…don’t you?


li profile views april


Keyword Search Results

The next invisible tab to the right, shows the keywords people used to find me (pink circle) and where the viewers came from (purple circle). When you move your mouse over the circles, you can see more data.


li april 2014


This keyword data helps you see if the wording in your profile is effective in attracting people. The number of views for keywords should be higher for your summary or job description.

Quick Tip: Review your profile and make sure you have a comprehensive summary and full description under each job which should increase the likelihood your profile will get found. Here’s a 20 point checklist to improve your profile.

The purple circle shows where people found my profile. The majority of people found my profile because of something I posted (a status update) and showed up on their homepage.

Quick Tip: By posting status updates, you have a huge opportunity to increase the number of people who view your profile. It is almost like you are listing a new house…everyone wants to see inside! Here are 10 status updates to get you more visibility.

Viewers’ Titles

The next invisible tab to the right shows information about who the viewers are by their job titles and industries.


li profile views april 2014


Quick Tip: As a job seeker, you might see more “Human Resources” and “Recruiter” job titles or at least want to see those titles. You will also want to see the titles of Hiring Managers who may be scoping you out.

The industry circle helps you see if you are attracting views from the correct industry. This may also help you increase the types of companies you look for opportunities within.

Viewers’ Cities

The next set of data is tells you about the people who have viewed your profile: where people live and work! The green circle is pretty valuable in understanding who is viewing my profile because I don’t have the paid version to see the names of people. There are numerous views from UofR (and related branches) because I do some work there. These views are likely from people I meet with.


li profile views april 2014 2


Quick Tip: The company stats could help you determine if your application has been received or that an interviewer is checking you out.

To Pay or Not To Pay For Advanced Insights

I am not a paying member of LinkedIn, so I can’t see the names of people who viewed my profile. Arnie Fertig, a colleague, was kind enough to show me his results as a paid subscriber. For every circle of data, Arnie can see the profile information of people who viewed his profile. As a job seeker, paying for this is only worth while, in my opinion, if you are going to actually do something as a result of having access to the information. In other words, if you see someone has viewed your profile and you are curious, then you should In-mail them a message.

One thing is for sure… we’ll continue to see changes across all social networks. It helps to keep your toe in the water so you know what’s happening.


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