24 Jobs That Are Better Than Yours [Infographic]

Every Monday morning, many of us head off to work wondering if we’re doing the right thing. Is this the right job for me? The right industry? The best use of my major? The right fit for my personality type and strengths?

Do I need to make a change?

And on this Monday morning, we at YouTern may be enabling that train of thought…

Whether you’re considering a new career path, a new degree, or perhaps going the self-employed route, this infographic from CollegeAtlas.org takes a simple look at 24 jobs that pay well, are in high-demand and/or have low turnover. From Stucco Mason to CEO, there’s a lot here to think about.

How do these jobs compare to the one you’re heading to, or already working, this morning? Is it time for a change?


24 Jobs Better Than Yours



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