Beyond Salary: What to Look for When Choosing a Job [Infographic]

“Millennials are the first generation to give themselves permission to actually enjoy their work.”

– Mark Babbitt, CEO of YouTern

For decades, the American worker has focused on one factor above all others when choosing where to work: salary. The higher the salary, the better the job.

In today’s purpose-driven, socially-aware world, however, there is more to work than pay. In fact, how aligned we are with the purpose of the organization, culture, leadership, flexibility and autonomy are all critical factors in how fulfilled we feel about our work.

Accounting Principals has provided us this infographic, which shows exactly what to look for in a job besides salary. Take a look, and when the time comes to find for your next position, think about what might be more important to you than money…


6 Things to Look for Besides Salary



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