Is the Workforce Ready for Gen Z? [Infographic]

For over 15 years, employers have trying to adjust their hiring – and their entire cultures – to the coming tsunami of Millennials. To this day, we see blogs and articles every day about what Millennials want, and expect, from employers.

Well, here’s the thing: many of those Millennials are now 30-somethings. They are raising kids, even teen-agers. They are (shhhhh, don’t tell them) old! They are now managers and decision-makers. They are running their own companies. And, yes, they are hiring.

And many of those they are hiring are the next generation of workers: Gen Z.

What does this mean for today’s workforce? Does Gen Z represent yet another major shift in how we attract talent? Or is Gen Z more closely aligned with Millennials than Millennials ever were with Gen X or Boomers?

This infographic from our friends at Adecco lays out the differences – and the commonalities – between Gen Z and Gen Y. The results are interesting from several perspectives. Take a look!





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