In Today’s Workplace, How Prevalent is Burnout? [Infographic]

No matter how much you believe in your company’s purpose or love your job, it’s impossible to stay motivated forever.

For that to happen, we must feel a personal sense of purpose beyond a paycheck; we must feel appreciated by our employer; and we must be able to say, “Enough is enough, time for a break.” We may even have to occasionally turn off the devices.

Or burnout is inevitable.

To learn more about the prevalence of burnout in today’s workplace, 200 American workers, freelancers and solopreneurs were interviewed. The results, as shown in this infographic by The Office Club, are both enlightening and surprising.

  • Two major factors in avoiding burnout were autonomy and appreciation; when we feel in control and respected, we remain engaged
  • While taking time off is important, taking vacations – commonly seen as a deterrent for burnout – seems to have little actual impact on our ability to stay motivated
  • With over half of self-employed respondents reporting they felt zero burn out (compared to 34.5 of employees), self-employment seems to be a cure for common burnout

To learn more about what researchers learned, take a good look at the infographic below… and then get back to work!





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