The Perfect Answer to “Why Should We Hire You?”

memeYou prepare for your job interview ahead of time by researching the company, the position, the contacts with whom you will interview and the challenges the company may be experiencing.

You rehearse answers to expected interview questions outlining your accomplishments and the stories behind them. You are ready to knock them dead!

And then it happens… despite all the research, preparation and rehearsal, a question takes you off guard.

“If you were a part of a cheeseburger, which ingredient would you be?”

What the…?

While you can’t prepare for every silly question, there is one you can count on answering during the job interview:

“Why should we hire you?”

While this question can cause anxiety, a good answer can set you apart from most of your competition for that job. But what makes a good answer?

Here are three tips to keep in mind as you formulate your own response:

1. The Answer Is More About the “We” Than the “Me”

Instead of focusing on what’s great about you, focus on what what you bring and what the company offers, together.

  • Do you have a particular skill that would shine in their culture and bring about growth at the same time?
  • Does the prospective employer have a situation before them to which you can uniquely contribute that makes benefits you both?
  • Is the company experiencing growth in an area where you have specific skills, customer knowledge, or passion for the product?

Answering in a way that promotes the proverbial win-win scenario is the best strategy. Work hard to find a specific example of how you can advance the company mission while advancing your career!

2. It’s About Your Ability to Solve Their Problems

A smart answer focuses on solving existing problems the company is experiencing.

Is the company experiencing poor online conversion rates? Demonstrate programs you put in place that will increase sales. See that the organization’s main product line has plateaued in sales with Millennials? Showcase how you would bring a fresh spin to the demographic you know best.

Interviewers love to hear that you’ve put some thought into their exact challenge… and that you’ve already placed yourself in the position of solving their problems.

3. Make Sure Your Passion Shines Through

If this position or field is one that you’re passionate about, and you can speak from your heart, little rehearsing will be necessary when you answer this question. There’s little that trumps what intrinsically motivates you when it comes to an effective answer!

A great company knows they can’t motivate people—top-notch employees come with motivation and great companies know how to supercharge and channel that already-there mojo. Sharing what made you interested in finance or what inspired you to get involved in the pharmaceutical industry can show a company how you come to them already fired up about the cause/product/service and all you need is the proverbial gas to fuel that passion. This information, combined with your earlier research about the company, will emphasize that your personalities and interests mesh well. Which makes you a great hire for them –so don’t be afraid to share why.

Expect it. Prepare for it. Above all else, take the “Why should we hire you?” question seriously… this is the time to showcase why you care about this position, what you have to offer the company and demonstrate that you want it!


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