Job Seekers: Never Be Afraid to Tell Your Story

confident“Never be afraid to tell your story.”

When it comes to job search, we cannot underestimate the importance of storytelling. In fact, as is said by Sharon Graham in the foreword of my new book, Tell Stories Get Hired, once you can articulate your value effectively, you can succeed in your job search.

But the benefits don’t end there; career storytelling helps you identify your dreams, strengthen your values, find your true assets, and build your self-confidence.

Never Be Afraid

Storytelling is a technique used to communicate why you are the best person for the job, why you are a good fit at that company, and how your past performance is indicative of your potential. It’s also a strategy to employ when networking and a way to demonstrate your industry expertise. In today’s Social Age, you can’t afford to be seen as ‘a shrinking violet’ – online or off. Don’t be afraid!

Your Story Should Be Interesting

When writing your resume, networking, or during an interview, create a vivid and interesting picture of what role you played in the story. For instance, were you the lead actor, or did you play a supporting role? To fully engage the listener, take them on a CAR ride. Explain the:

  • Challenges you encountered,
  • the Actions you took,
  • and the Results.

Your Story Is Unique

Even if your story is similar to someone else’s, you must find ways to showcase your uniqueness. Brand your story in a package that stands out. According to Sharon:

“Our current job search environment is very competitive and the only way to differentiate yourself is to tell “unique signature stories.”

For emphasis, be sure to include quantified statements that show real results and demonstrate measurable performance.

Your Story is Worth Sharing

If you don’t toot your horn, no one will know you’re coming.

Don’t expect the interviewer to read your mind; don’t leave it up to them to discover how great you are. One of my clients lost out on a promotion because he assumed his boss knew what he had done. He failed to share his success stories… so he failed to get the promotion.

It’s Your Story

It’s yours. Claim it. Own it.

If you don’t, others will sign their name to your work. Too many people complain their bosses or coworkers have taken credit for their work. Don’t let that be you. Stand up… and tell your story!

Most people find the thought of having to “sell” themselves to recruiters and hiring managers daunting. They may know what they want to share, but are not certain of how best to do that.

Not you. You know that’s where storytelling comes in. And you’re not afraid.


For this post, YouTern thanks our friends at Career Musings!


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daisy wrightAbout the Author: Daisy Wright is an award winning certified resume strategist and career management coach known for helping mid-career professionals, managers and executives tell their career stories and get hired FASTER! She works collaboratively with clients to understand their needs and develop compelling resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, and other career marketing documents that differentiate them from everyone else. Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.



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